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Japanese mime clown Ketch ex-Gamarjobat had a pose


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Japanese mime clown Ketch ex-Gamarjobat had a pose with his red nose, suits case and broom

Ketch's Comedy Show

The all ages non-verbal comedy show from one of the current masters of silent comedy. It’s an ingenious mix of mime and magic, clowning and juggling with hilarious audience involvement. 10-40minutes. For theatre, street and TV.

Theatre Show "Ketch Sketch"

Ketch Sketch is the new all ages non-verbal theatre show. It's a story of Ketch and his pet - Max. Ketch tries to celebrate Max's birthday with audience but... It’s an ingenious mix of mime and magic, clowning and juggling with hilarious audience involvement. Ketch even plays the ukulele and puppetry. 60-90 minutes. Produced by Impresario.

Ketch and his assistant will tell you the world famous story “The Three Little Pigs”

but the main character is the villain wolf. 

All the illustrations by Rie Inoue. 60 minutes.

Produced by Yorunohate.


sign at the crossing in Melbourne


Physical comedy workshops for beginners to professionals. Learn mime, clowning and magic and how to tell stories without saying a word.

High street in Edinburgh at fringe


Ketch works with actors, circus artists, children's theatre companies, mimes and clowns helping them create non verbal shows. In English or in Japanese.


Early years

Japanese mime clown Ketch ex-Gamarjobat in his 20's



While Ketch was at University he studied mime at The Tokyo Mime Institute.

Performances on the streets in Tokyo and at several mime festivals in Japan and Korea.
Solo theatre shows and group theatre mime shows in Tokyo.

Performances at festivals in The Czech Republic and Germany.

Gamarjobat years






In 1999, Ketch started performing as one half of the comedy duo Gamarjobat, renowned for their award-winning physical comedy spanning two decades. From street festivals to Broadway NYC Gamarjobat toured in 35 countries performing in theatres, TV, on the internet and at most well known theatre and comedy festivals worldwide.

In the UK Gamarjobat have starred on ITV’s Tonight at the London Palladium, been twice winners of BBC’s BAFTA award-winning The Slammer and fronted Ketch! and HIRO-PON Get It On on BBC3.


Irresistibly, endearingly funny and undoubtedly the most skilled and clever comedy in Edinburgh.The Scotsman

A physical comedy master-class, this double act have made vaudevillian silent comedy their own.The Guardian

Cartoon characters come to lifeThe New York Times

Utterly mesmerising” The Telegraph

A physical comedy masterclass…This double act have made vaudevillian silent comedy their ownThe Guardian

This Japanese physical comedy duo are a cross between Laurel and Hardy and Madness. Kids and adults will love their breathtakingly brilliant slapstick clowning. I can’t wait to take my children, who will talk about this for the rest of their livesStewart Lee, The Times

I’ve tried, and I’m certain that there’s no real way to convey in words just how fantastic this show isThree Weeks

Hilarious physical comedy duo from Japan will transcend anything you think you know about clowning, magic and mimeChortle

I have never seen a show that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, regardless of age, sex, colour, or ideological leanings – until nowThe Scotsman



In 2019, Ketch left Gamarjobat and started working as a solo performer, teaching physical comedy workshops and working as a director of physical comedy.

Honed his  improvisation craft with Keith Johnstone and clowning with Philippe Gaulier.

Taught mime for an improvisation theatre group in Milan Italy.

Physical comedy direction for the Puppetry Clown company ‘Bunk Puppets’ in Melbourne.

Physical comedy workshops, TV shows in Nagasaki.
Appointed as an ambassador of Unzen-city in Nagasaki.

Physical comedy workshops in Fukuoka.
Helped direct a Japanese new circus show “Senko hanabi” and its spin-off.
Created and performed a new non-verbal comedy theatre show “Ketch Sketch”.


Ketch Sketch in Nishinomiya and Fukuoka.

Helped to direct the theatre FideriFidera to create their new family show in Brighton, UK.

Artisti in Piazza. Pennabilli, Italy.

Workshop in Osaka and Fukuoka.

Performed and did workshops in 26 schools.

Casted on a Japanese documentary TV programme. They filmed Ketch Sketch and England + Italy tour.


Created a kids’ show “I am the Big Bad Wolf” and performed it Honda Theatre in Tokyo.Sell out!

Ketch Sketch in Kobe.

Fremantle International Street Arts Festival.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Created a circus show “Imparked Circus” and performed as a clown in it in Oita.

“I am the Big Bad Wolf” in Suzunari, Japan.

Teaching mime at the THU Japan kick off event in Kaga.

Ketch Sketch and mime lesson tour in Hokkaido.



“I am the Big Bad Wolf” in KAAT, Japan.

Ketch Comedy show at Teatro Fisico in Torino, Italy.

5 days Physical comedy workshop in Teatro Fisico in Torino, Italy.

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